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                   Scrap copper pipes      
  Bildergebnis für copper scrap  
  Bildergebnis für copper scrap
     Copper wire (old, berry, milberry, tinned)  
  Bildergebnis für copper scrap  
                   Spent automitiv catalsyts
  Bildergebnis für katalysatoren ankauf  
  Bildergebnis für katalysatoren ankauf  
                             Aluminum scrap  




  We are aware of the importance of satisfactory trading. Not only the demand and supply depend on it. The interpersonal communication and social harmony based on good cooperation. From this context, out with us on the principle that the trust is the most important. In other words, we go to the customer service and the motivation of the team with choosing smart hearts: we convince our customers with our fair prices and our extensive experience committed to provide international business and consulting services; we convence our team through our social responsibility. We would be pleased to serve you with our fair trading and consulting services.
Our company is a diversified scrap metal buyer, broker and dealer of a wide variety of  metals, including: Aluminum, Copper, Iron & Steel. The import of spent automotive catalysts from all over the world to Germany and Europe and consulting services occupies a wide space in our business.

Trading Agency

  GERFA  has an extensive network of suppliers  located all over the world, we can find exactly what the customers  need or arrange to have it manufactured. The product or commodities that the business needs is delivered according to the requirements and specifications that the customers determine. We manage all the details according to the Commercial Law of worldwide product and to the packing and shipping. We also insure that transactions are completed in a safe and legal manner, and that the quality, specifications and quantity of items ordered are exactly what will be delivered.

 Importing and Exporting

  In the case of the execution of the sale contract of the seller, we  handel the scraps such as used automotive catalsyts, used rails and copper which the buyers need. Additionally, we take care of the shipping and delivery challenges. That may arise so that the commodities is delivered directly to the buyers or the defined destination. If sellers want to sell their scraps abroad, we geht the job done. We know where and how to arise the interest of the buyers. We also know all the ins and outs to help the recycling  companies open a business branch in another country.

 Copper scrap



  Copper has fixed as one of the sought-after industrial metals its place in the world of commodities. The metal is used in everything from circuit boards and plumbing
We help sellers who are interested in getting involved in the copper market.

 We discuss market with them and help them follow the market.
We are particularly specialized in the following types of copper scrap:







  • Copper/brass coolers
  • Copper wire, Milberry
  • Copper sheets, new bright
  • Copper sheets, old mixed
  • Transformer copper
  • Copper, heavy
  • Copper granulate
  • Copper cables & copper underground cables




 Spent automitive catalsyts

 We buy all types of spent automotive catalysts from the production of 1995.We know the spent catalyst market like the back of our hands. We have the knowledge to give the collectors the best price. We provide the new collectors of automotive catalysts the valuable technical and commercial information regarding the purchasing and collecting the spent catalyst. With our help, these collectors can earn a lot of money without a big investment.

 Aluminum scrap

The coveted in the industry aluminum material is in comparison to other metals with relative ease and moreover highly resistant to corrosion. Especially in the automotive industry and in the aerospace industry, the material is therefore indispensable. Besides, it is still used in many other industrial applications.
We are among most sought after organizations which deal in Business Mediation between sellers and buyers. We clarify the selling deals on the most accurate and  look for right buyers as quickly as possible. The satisfaction of the contracting parties is the focus of our actions.

 Used rails R50 - R65 (ferrous scrap)      

  We are engaged in the market for importing and exporting, distributing and supplying of Used Rails R50-R65 (Ferrous Scrap) We receive up-to-the-minute data on who is buying or selling scrap, what kind, where, and for how much. Our unrivaled communications gives us real-time price quotes, scrap availability and over  active freight rates. We use all our experience and transportation know-how to successfully move recycled metal between seller and buyer all over the wourld.
Specification of Used Rails:
 The purchase contract must include the guaranty for the buyer that the delivered commodity correspond to the characteristics shown below:
R50-R65 used rails steel scrap  can be cut in 1,5 meter long bra and bundled specification ISRI 200 -202.

The commodity shall be corresponding as per inspection certificate issued by SGS - Société Générale de Surveillance ( International consolidated company for goods inspection) at port of loading confirming that the commodity meet the following terms:
R50 –R65 used long rails steel scrap, ISRI 200 – 202, as  OT may apply, R50-R65 ( 51,67 kg /running meters) – GOST 7173-75, R63-R65 ( 64,72 kg / running meters) GOST 8165 – 57.
Scrap steel to be supplied under the present contract shall conform to the steel scrap specifications and standards of the institute of scrap recycling industries ( ISRI) and shall be strictly limited to used rails and scrap steel to standard.  




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                              Steel rails

                       Steel rails scrap
                      Cut steel rail scrap  
                      Cut steel beams  
                          Brake discs       
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